Our Vision

Our vision is to be the ultimate support and manpower services partner, delivering a level of consistent quality to our client businesses that enables them to focus their own resources on reaching their full business potential.

Our passion to acheive this will set us apart and define the culture and values underlying everything we do.

Our Mission

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated and driven people, totally focused on providing our clients with the expertise and support they require to excel.

We promote openness and honesty in all our dealings – with clients, staff and colleagues.

At our core are our people – bringing both considerable industry experience and competence to their particular roles, whilst always understanding their part in the greater “team”.

What is our business?

At Proclense we provide a wide range of valeting, cleaning and manpower solutions to our client businesses. Our dedicated and experienced management team provide the support and control required to manage these areas efficiently and effectively, thus enabling our clients to focus their management time and effort where it is best served; on developing and reaching their true business potential.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are businesses and organisations within the retail and service motor industry that are looking for a supply partner who can give them quality, consistency, reliability and flexibility.

What makes us different?

Our absolute passion to delight our clients and a mindset for “getting the job done” no matter what obstacles are put in our way.

Our client’s interests are our interests and our focus revolves around instilling total trust in the client and in developing mutually beneficial profit opportunities – in other words, a true “partnership”.