First impressions count and we believe that attention to detail, professionalism and good old-fashioned ‘polish’ make a difference. Our business began in providing professional vehicle valeting for motor dealerships where precision, expertise and attention to detail are essential to deliver perfect results.

But that’s not the full story.

‘Management matters in the valeting world’

We understand that to look after our clients effectively, our Account Managers need the time to conduct quality visits and maintain regular communication with your team. That is why we only allocate a manageable number of accounts to each of them, which ensures they can respond quickly and effectively to your business requirements.

We base our approach to our business and service provision on these principles:

RELIABILITY – To deliver a high-quality valeting service consistently and dependably to our customer’s requirements

RESPONSIVENESS – The ability to provide what is needed in a changing environment and a willingness to address issues and resolve them swiftly.

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT – We work constantly to develop our methods, working practices and systems, embracing new technology to ensure the service we provide to our customers is market-leading.

HONESTY & OPENNESS – We adopt a straight, honest and realistic approach in all of our dealings. This builds the trust that is a key element of successful business relationships.